Using Specimen

The Sample Editor

The Sample Editor allows you to fine tune the way a sample is to be played. You can bring it up by clicking on the waveform preview in the main window.

Left clicking will set the starting loop point, and right clicking will set the stopping loop point. If you hold down the control button, you can set points at which the sample will start and stop playing. The loop points are indicated by vertical red lines, and the parts of the sample that won't be played are drawn a darker shade of green.

You can zoom in to obtain a greater degree of resolution (up to 100x), and return to a normal view by pressing the 1:1 button. To remove any changes you have made, press the Reset button. To remove any loop and play points, use the clear buttons. It is recommended that, if you intend to remove all points, you first clear the play points and then the loop points. Otherwise, the loop points will be set to the current play points, and thus still delimit some of the sample after the play points are cleared. Nobody likes a wasted click.

You can preview the sample by pressing the play button. If the patch play mode is set to loop or ping-pong, it will play until you press the stop button. This makes it easier to choose good loop points. Press the play button and start adjusting the points until you get a good smooth sound. Since your changes are being applied in real time, you can simply click Close when you are satisfied.

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