Using Specimen

The Main Window

This is the window that you see when you first start Specimen. From here, you can Add, Rename, and Remove patches by clicking on the Action button. The controls all work as expected. Of interest is the the Play Mode controls. Currently, switching a sample's play mode while that sample is playing is hazardous and not advised.

The MIDI section, by default, is configured so that the patch is listening for a middle C note on MIDI channel 1. This note specification is considered the Patch's Natural Note. If you would like to make use of pitch scaling, click the Range check box and set the lowest and highest note that the patch should listen to. When the Patch's Natural Note is played, the Patch will be played at an unmodified pitch. Playing above the Natural Note and within the Patch's Range will result in the patch will be played at a higher pitch. The expected result is obtained when notes beneath the Natural Note and within the range are played.

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